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Bohemian Kimono + Graphic Tee: Perfect Print on Print Look!

Boho Bunnie perfects the print on print look by pairing our Soho Boho kimono with a band graphic tee and a pair of Bohemian printed shorts!

Red Bohemian Printed Kimono

Next time you decide to wear a graphic tee, try out Andrea’s style and match it with a lovely kimono as well! This look is perfect for a casual day out or for a music festival. Add extra spice by layering necklaces and bangles

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kimono graphic tee shorts

Midi Kimono – Perfect for the Beach… and as a Faux Wrap Dress

Hit the beach or go full on Boho with my newest line of midi kimonos! These fall just above the knee and would look great with a pair of shorts, a swimsuit, tights, skinny jeans, a short skirt… get creative!

As a bonus, with a tuck here and there, and a nice skinny belt, you can transform it into a faux wrap dress:

midi kimono-turned-wrap-dress

Just be sure you wear something inside of course, since everything is just loosely gathered by a belt ;)

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