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Bird Prints: Spring Eternal

I have always loved bird prints. And it seems like others do, too! From flying birds to huge-eyed owls to cute cartoon ones with colorful beaks and dot eyes, you’ve seen them all on shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, scarves… and also on kimonos!

As a bird-brained store owner, I always scout for fabrics featuring our fine-feathered friends and chanced upon two really nice ones:

The Spring Melody screams… or rather sings spring! The kimono is a very faint pastel green with birds perched on colorful floral branches.

spring melody bird print kimono

The other one, I call Fine Feathered Friends. The kimono features a variety of different winged creatures all on a very vivid orange charmeuse fabric! I love how it seems like the birds have been painted on the jacket.

colorful birds on an orange kimono jacket

Which one’s your favorite? Comment below or head to my shop to buy one… or both! :)