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Bird Prints: Spring Eternal

I have always loved bird prints. And it seems like others do, too! From flying birds to huge-eyed owls to cute cartoon ones with colorful beaks and dot eyes, you’ve seen them all on shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, scarves… and also on kimonos!

As a bird-brained store owner, I always scout for fabrics featuring our fine-feathered friends and chanced upon two really nice ones:

The Spring Melody screams… or rather sings spring! The kimono is a very faint pastel green with birds perched on colorful floral branches.

spring melody bird print kimono

The other one, I call Fine Feathered Friends. The kimono features a variety of different winged creatures all on a very vivid orange charmeuse fabric! I love how it seems like the birds have been painted on the jacket.

colorful birds on an orange kimono jacket

Which one’s your favorite? Comment below or head to my shop to buy one… or both! :)

Owl you Ready for these 2 New Prints?

Looking for new patterns to craft into kimonos is one of my favorite parts of the process! Deciding which of the swatches of cloths will soon become a beautiful flowy jacket, and then finally seeing them all come into fruition – euphoria!

I was very stoked to see 2 owl patterns. I’ve always been a fan of owls. To put it simply, these feathered friends are so adorable! Owls allow a lot of fun interpretations – from cutesy ones to more whimsical, artsy effects. The eyes can be large black beads, or they can be fancy wheels. The wings could be colored in a bright shade, or they could blend with the rest of the body.

Without further ado, here are the two owl kimonos you can check out on our shop:

Kimono jackets in Owl Prints

And voila! Here they are as the finished kimono jacket products:

black kimono cardigan with gold owls

colorful kimono jacket with owls

Shop for them at my Etsy shop here.

Still looking for other owls? How about this beautiful owl necklace from Forever 21, which I received as a gift just recently. I love that it’s subtle, and small. It can give that very little punch to a classy outfit, or it can be layered with other pendant necklaces for a casual look:

Owl Pendant Necklace

Another very interesting spin on the owl is this metal owl etched on a soft pink stone. It’s such a dainty piece don’t you think?

forever 21 owl pink stone