Impeccable Looks from Women in Varsity Shirts

You might have noticed that in the recent months, a lot of shops have been selling varsity shirts for women. Huge, bold numbers printed on a basic top with a name hardly comes to my mind when it comes to women’s fashion but I’ve seen several women who really rocked this look that I’m beginning to reconsider and buy one for myself, too ;)

Here are 2 of my faves on

1. This one is such a cool back to school outfit! I love how she mixed it up with some preppy, more feminine elements. That she completes the look with a classy lunch bag is smart and really complements the back to school theme.

2. If you take this look element by element, it’s actually pretty simple. But her cool attitude, and the little details like those gorgeous artsy earrings really drew me to her street look!

Varsity shirt dresses are also very big now, and instantly adds some femininity to the design.

women varsity shirt dress trend

What’s your say on this trend?

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