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Bohemian Kimono + Graphic Tee: Perfect Print on Print Look!

Boho Bunnie perfects the print on print look by pairing our Soho Boho kimono with a band graphic tee and a pair of Bohemian printed shorts!

Red Bohemian Printed Kimono

Next time you decide to wear a graphic tee, try out Andrea’s style and match it with a lovely kimono as well! This look is perfect for a casual day out or for a music festival. Add extra spice by layering necklaces and bangles

Check out all our kimonos on our shop here.

Check out Boho Bunnie’s fashion blog here.

kimono graphic tee shorts

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rafflecopter giveaway for cash prize

Midi Kimono – Perfect for the Beach… and as a Faux Wrap Dress

Hit the beach or go full on Boho with my newest line of midi kimonos! These fall just above the knee and would look great with a pair of shorts, a swimsuit, tights, skinny jeans, a short skirt… get creative!

As a bonus, with a tuck here and there, and a nice skinny belt, you can transform it into a faux wrap dress:

midi kimono-turned-wrap-dress

Just be sure you wear something inside of course, since everything is just loosely gathered by a belt ;)

Check out all my other midi kimonos here

Bird Prints: Spring Eternal

I have always loved bird prints. And it seems like others do, too! From flying birds to huge-eyed owls to cute cartoon ones with colorful beaks and dot eyes, you’ve seen them all on shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, scarves… and also on kimonos!

As a bird-brained store owner, I always scout for fabrics featuring our fine-feathered friends and chanced upon two really nice ones:

The Spring Melody screams… or rather sings spring! The kimono is a very faint pastel green with birds perched on colorful floral branches.

spring melody bird print kimono

The other one, I call Fine Feathered Friends. The kimono features a variety of different winged creatures all on a very vivid orange charmeuse fabric! I love how it seems like the birds have been painted on the jacket.

colorful birds on an orange kimono jacket

Which one’s your favorite? Comment below or head to my shop to buy one… or both! :)

A Peach Kimono + Dress for a Dainty Look

The Spring in Kyoto is a beautiful peach kimono. It reminds me of a memorable springtime I had in Japan way back. I decided to pair the kimono with another soft color – a pale cream dress from H&M:

Kimono and Dress combination

A brown Beverly shoulder satchel bag and a comfy pair of light brown loafers completed the look. I think the overall effect is feminine and carefree, do you agree?

How to Style our Kimonos

Kimonos are more style-versatile than you probably think! Here are just a few ways to style our kimono jackets:

Different Looks using a Kimono Jacket

The first look features our Feather and Ink kimono, and was styled by Cella Jane. The second is a colorful feather design called Colors of the Wind. Our aztec Xantico kimono was a perfect accompaniment with a pair of bright reddish pink Uniqlo pants.

A pair of light-colored skinny jeans gets a burst of color with our Kaleidoscope kimono. A subtle-colored dress receives another layer of daintiness with our peach Spring in Kyoto kimono. And finally, a maxi skirt getup goes perfectly with our maroon Flights of Fancy cover up.

There are a lot of other ways to style with a kimono. During the summertime, it is the perfect beach cover up – it is light enough for the hot weather, and it does not overwhelm and cover your bikini too much. A low neckline tank top + bandage skirt gets extra oomph and detail. The contrast between a crop top and kimono sleeves is very chic.

Do you guys have any ideas how to pair up our kimonos? Sound off below!

Owl you Ready for these 2 New Prints?

Looking for new patterns to craft into kimonos is one of my favorite parts of the process! Deciding which of the swatches of cloths will soon become a beautiful flowy jacket, and then finally seeing them all come into fruition – euphoria!

I was very stoked to see 2 owl patterns. I’ve always been a fan of owls. To put it simply, these feathered friends are so adorable! Owls allow a lot of fun interpretations – from cutesy ones to more whimsical, artsy effects. The eyes can be large black beads, or they can be fancy wheels. The wings could be colored in a bright shade, or they could blend with the rest of the body.

Without further ado, here are the two owl kimonos you can check out on our shop:

Kimono jackets in Owl Prints

And voila! Here they are as the finished kimono jacket products:

black kimono cardigan with gold owls

colorful kimono jacket with owls

Shop for them at my Etsy shop here.

Still looking for other owls? How about this beautiful owl necklace from Forever 21, which I received as a gift just recently. I love that it’s subtle, and small. It can give that very little punch to a classy outfit, or it can be layered with other pendant necklaces for a casual look:

Owl Pendant Necklace

Another very interesting spin on the owl is this metal owl etched on a soft pink stone. It’s such a dainty piece don’t you think?

forever 21 owl pink stone

Kimono + Boot Cut Jeans by Cella Jane

I am absolutely thrilled to show you this beautiful, effortless look from fashion blogger, Cella Jane! The best thing about a kimono is it can instantly give your simple outfit a much needed oomph. Depending on the pattern of the kimono, it can be a fun, whimsical touch, or a classy accent.

kimono top portion

In this case, she chose our Feathers and Ink kimono, a cute print featuring dark feathers printed with a watercolor, almost ombre effect. She then kept with the palette by choosing a black top and a black shoulder purse from B. Makowsky. A few gold arm candies, the gold hardware on her bag, a nice pair of nude Steve Madden wedges, and a megawatt smile added that extra little something to the whole outfit.

kimono jeans full body
To order our Feather and Ink Kimono, head on over to our Etsy listing

Do visit Cella Jane here.

Impeccable Looks from Women in Varsity Shirts

You might have noticed that in the recent months, a lot of shops have been selling varsity shirts for women. Huge, bold numbers printed on a basic top with a name hardly comes to my mind when it comes to women’s fashion but I’ve seen several women who really rocked this look that I’m beginning to reconsider and buy one for myself, too ;)

Here are 2 of my faves on

1. This one is such a cool back to school outfit! I love how she mixed it up with some preppy, more feminine elements. That she completes the look with a classy lunch bag is smart and really complements the back to school theme.

2. If you take this look element by element, it’s actually pretty simple. But her cool attitude, and the little details like those gorgeous artsy earrings really drew me to her street look!

Varsity shirt dresses are also very big now, and instantly adds some femininity to the design.

women varsity shirt dress trend

What’s your say on this trend?